Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Gory World of Gladiators? Students explore the lives of gladiators.

Over the last four weeks, students in Adventures in World History (CHM4E1) have been working on the creation of a website, using Google Sites, to share their learning about gladiators.

You can check out the site (still a work in progress) by visiting A Closer Look at Gladiators.

Tomorrow we are having a launch party to celebrate the website and their hard work. Below is a copy of the speech I am going to deliver:

Congratulations on the creation of an informative and engaging website about gladiators.  Instead of simply consuming information, you came up with questions, searched for information, asked for guidance, found pictures, and created an information source that you and others beyond the class can use for learning.

I am impressed by your ability to work well independently and with your classmates.  I loved hearing you ask each other questions and give each other suggestions.  What I loved about this was that you used each other as resources and didn't depend on “the teacher” for help or the “right” answers.

I am also impressed with your willingness to give each other effective feedback via the “Stars and Wishes” activity on each web page.  Your acceptance of others’ constructive input about your work is also testament to your maturity and commitment.

I look forward to exploring your finished products and reading your final paragraphs.


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