Saturday, 13 April 2013

Student Thoughts on Studying Shakespeare

Many students (most?) are not fans of studying Shakespeare.  Some of my students wrote blog posts explaining their dislike.  For example, Branson argues that there are many modern texts that can be taught in the classroom that touch on the same messages that Shakespeare puts forth.  Additionally, Cassidy argues that it is too difficult, creating an unfair advantage for those who find it easy.

I was very surprised that some students put forth arguments supporting the importance of studying Shakespeare in high school.  Madison and Katie clearly outline the importance of studying Shakespeare.  For example, they believe that reading Shakespeare helps them to develop their thinking skills, as his complex writing forces them to really sit with the language.  In fact, Madison's post was able to convince Meghan of the importance of reading Shakespeare in high school.  Rachel's post starts off listing the reasons why students don't like studying him, but she ultimately defends his inclusion in the curriculum.

I'm glad that so many of my students decided to write blog posts about the study of Shakespeare.  In class, a student asked why we were reading Macbeth.  I was on the spot and all of my reasoning seemed lame.  Next time I am asked this question, I will have reasons DIRECTLY from students as to why the study of Shakespeare is important.

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